Our Web Design Service

Every business needs an online presence. Our team of web designers can take the hassle out of web development and build for you a website perfect for showcasing you and your business.

Together we'll find the right design for you, and construct with your content and photos the perfect website, that draws your visitors in and shows them everything they need.

Additionally we can provide quality copy writing and videography assistance.

To get a free quote on your site fill out our design questionnaire below.

Our Website Building Process

1: Enquiry

  • From your web design questionnaire we look at your requirements and send you an estimated initial cost quote.
  • We arrange a video chat and discuss further your website requirements and answer any questions you may have.
  • After our talk we'll send you a proposal noting everything we discussed. Outlining the requirements of your website, the cost, and our Terms & Conditions.

2: Design & Development

  • Together we create a design brief. Mapping your site map, defining your visitor's site journey, and outlining visual elements.
  • With the design brief we'll create initial concepts which we then develop from your feedback into the final design.
  • Once the design is defined we develop the rest of your site.
  • Together we go over a full site review.

3: Launch

  • Prior to launch we go over full site training. Showing you how to manage your site moving forward.
  • We help in setting up your Rocketspark hosting, domain, and handing over control of the site to you.
  • Once all is ready, then your site is launched.

Web Design Package

Mighty Fine Package

$1500 + GST
Our Mighty Fine package is perfect for businesses that need a few pages to perfectly show everything they offer. E.g. contact forms, services, photo gallery, about us, etc.

Package includes:

  • 4 page website.
  • Video consultation
  • Custom design suited to your business, using your content, and images you provide.
  • Integration of any add-on features. E.g. Google maps, Social media links, Forms, etc.
  • Mobile functionality.
  • Full website training.

*Additional Costs: Any additional pages come at an additional cost of $100 + GST per page.

Additional Services:
In addition to our web design packages we offer the following services:

  • Content writing
  • Videography
  • Training for you and your staff (if required) on how to video and present yourselves authentically online

These services are at an additional cost. Click here to get our pricing guide to find out more.

Built with Rocketspark

All our websites are hosted by Rocketspark.

They come with easy and intuitive text and image editing, automatic SSL Certification, mobile optimization, and 24/7 support. 

Once your site is live, all ongoing hosting and domain costs are handled through Rocketspark.
Check out Rocketspark hosting costs HERE.

Web Design Questionnaire:

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