Our Skilled Team of Virtual Assistants

Our Story

Hello, my name is Kim Conroy and I am the proud Founder and Director of Mighty Fine Assistant.

I have more than 30 years of experience working in multiple industries including hospitality, legal offices, local government and area health boards.  I've worked in many roles throughout those years, from PA through to Management, and it is through these experiences that I have learnt 3 valuable lessons:

  • People need to feel their work is valued
  • They want their work to have meaning and purpose
  • They want success, in whatever form that takes for them

And it is because of these same values, and the desire for more autonomy and control over their professional lives, that many people make the decision to start their own company.

During my working career, I have been fortunate enough to work alongside dedicated business owners and entrepreneurs, who made this decision, and have come to understand the challenges they faced on a daily basis.  These amazing people had great ideas, passion and drive, but weren't able to do it all. Their time was taken up doing mundane tasks, and they couldn't  focus on what was really driving them. Or they didn't have the knowledge to do everything that was required. Or they didn't have the money to hire a full staff.

It is because of this that I knew that I wanted to help people build successful businesses, so they wouldn't have to work long and tiring hours, and lose sight of where they were going, and what their original passion was.

With my experience I knew I had a skill-set to offer, but I couldn't do it alone.

With the help of a team of highly skilled professionals, who share the same values of wanting to help people succeed, we came together to create Mighty Fine Assistant.

Our Team

Each of the Team have their own area of expertise, but are also trained to provide backup for our core services if needed.  All of them have worked as freelancers in the past, and enjoy the variation and flexibility that this type of work brings, but have now joined forces, to offer our clients a full range of services and everything they will need to establish and grow their businesses.

Kim Conroy

Founder and Director
 Events Management and Executive Assistance

Li Wang

Li has a background in Bookkeeping and Administration.  She has a Master in Linguistics and specialises in Mandarin Translation

Olivia Conroy

Olivia specialises in Social Media Management, Executive Assistance and Sales

Jack Conroy

Jack has 10 years experience in the Media industry and specialises in Writing, Videography, Audio and Social Media

Andrew Gillard

Andrew has a background in Computer Science, and specialises in Web Design, Administration and Events Coordination.

Tony Conroy

30 years experience in Business and Finance

Emma Budgen

If 'it' needs to be organised, moved, delivered on time, or just VERY well looked after, Emma can help! Emma specialises in Accommodation Management, Project Management and Administration